In Office Staff Assessments

Show Your Employees You Care

Pedorthics in Motion oraganizes clinical assessment days for your employees to be assessed and casted at their desire. Emplyees have the option to be assessed at no charge. Upon completion, employees will recieve a biomechanical evaluation with recommendations. At this time the employee may choose to proceed with any or all of the pedorthists recommendations.



Educate Employees

Educating employees and equipping them with the information needed to make decisions about foot and leg health gives employees a greater chance of staying healthy and remaining in the work place in a comfortable and productive manner.




The Clinical Day

We will provide you with all the necessary information leading up to your scheduled clinical day to keep your employees reminded and informed. On the actual day of the clinic, all we require from you is space large enough to house two chairs and access to running water.





Pedorthics In Motion is recognized by third party insurance companies and we will provide you with all necessary paperwork to have your custom made orthotics, compression stockings and other devices covered by your health benefits.